Friday, 1 February 2013

Windows 8 Impressions (Network Instillation)

I know lots of people have already reviewed Windows 8 from Beta to it's release date 2 months ago (October 26, 2012) but I thought I'd give my first impressions.

It's easy to see what they're trying to do with Windows 8:
  • Compete with the exponential growth in the Tablet market
  • Create an easy transition from traditional KVM to touchscreen desktops
  • Compete with Apple and Android Apps across multiple devices
It seems like they've done what they always do and create something at face value that looks Microsoft (reasonably clean but structured with many layers) and left a whole lot of functionality they're unsure of out so they can wait on public opinion to add/correct in future updates.

The ease of moving between the traditional desktop and the new interface is well done, as are the very brief tutorials (once you get over the "fear factor" of the changes). However the "intuitive factor" of knowing what to do, or finding details within the system on how to do something like install a program are a big failure. It's not hard Microsoft if you completely change a standard process you show how it was done previously and how it should be done in the new version.

When setting setting up a Windows 8 machine on a SBS 2008 network there were a couple of things that didn't work or were annoying nuances and as it's not easy to find answers because Enterprise level uptake is slow so the issues and answers aren't readily available yet.
  1. The computer connect wizard program (http://connect/) doesn't work unless you follow these instructions from MPESC's Blog
  2. Remote Desktop/Microsoft Terminal Services Client (a.k.a mstsc) doesn't work to the Windows 8 machine using the connect wizard program you need to manually allow through the windows firewall (which is a good thing). Instructions can be found here if needed.
  3. The Windows Start Page and accessing standard Administrator tools isn't there by default for an Administrator account. It is simple to display but doesn't always work...:
    • Go to "Settings" > "Tiles" > "Show administrative tools" and slide to "Yes"