Thursday, 20 August 2015

Filling the G-Apps: Chrme Apps v Extensions

What Are Chrome Apps/Extensions?

Chrome Extensions are small pieces of software that integrate with Chrome browser giving it more functionality, while Chrome Apps are complete applications that use the Chrome browser as a GUI and connect to the external website for the coded processes and functions.

For specific details please see:

If you have a few extensions you used regularly we recommend that you download and install the Chrome App Launcher for your desktop as it allows for easy access and takes up less real estate:

Chrome Apps

Below is a list of Chrome Apps that I've found useful on our network:

Chrome Extensions

Below is a list of Chrome Extensions that we have reviewed and believe are useful to productivity:

Filling the G-Apps: Adding/Embedding LucidChart in Google Sites

What is LucidChart

LucidChart is a flow-chart web application that can be integrated with Google Apps. It's simple to use once you understand how sharing works between LucidChart users (similar to Drive) and it saves time in generating flow-charts for internal workflow processes, customers, marketing and documentation purposes.

Adding/Embedding LucidChart in Google Sites
To display a LucidChart document inline on the Intranet you need to complete the following steps:


  1. Once the document has been reviewed and is ready to share publicly on the Google Site select the "Share" button (top right corner)
  2. Select the "Embed" tab and select the "Publish Link" checkbox
  3. Look for the code that starts "src=" and select and copy everything the parenthesis:

Google Sites 

  1. Edit the Site page
  2. Select "Insert" from the Site Menu (located at the top left corner under the page name)
  3. Under "Gadgets" select "... More gadgets" 
  4. Search for the "Include gadget (iframe)" gadget and click "Select"
  5. Paste the LucidChart URL into the "URL to content (required)" field
  6. Set the width to 100% and define an appropriate height (720 pixels is usually good for an A4 page)
  7. Deselect all checkboxes and click "Preview Gadget"
  8. Click "Ok" and then "Save" the page
  9. If you want to add a downloadable PDF link please add the following text below the gadget:
    NB: This is a resizable PDF for a printable version please click here (A3)
  10. Select the "Publish" tab in LucidChart
  11. Tick the "PDF (Full document)" checkbox and click on the link symbol (looks like chain links)
  12. Copy the link and add a link to "here"