Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Excel Random Row Heights

I've used Excel for at least 20 years now an I haven't come across this issue before.

Basically we use a shared document to track job processes and it has a header section with key details, summary data and flags for some Macros and the other day all the row heights in the header section reduced so that it looked like the rows were hidden.

I searched for a number things like:

  • Excel row height error
  • Set Excel row height
  • Excel row height issue
In the end I found this post (summarized version with appropriate details below):
  1. Increase the row heights so that they can be viewed
  2. Select/highlight the entire range that's effected
  3. On the Home Toolbar choose bottom alignment, then top alignment  then bottom alignment again....viola, all rows should recover their standard height
  4. Please note if you're working on a shared document with different versions of Excel you'll need to repeat the process
on Microsoft's Social Technet thread, thanks to Dick Bowers

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Microsoft Upgrade Headaches

Some new computers are needed on my network due to resource issues. Normally I'd make the purchase but the GM made the purchase over the Xmas break as of the new computers was for him and I'm one of those fortunate IT managers that has a GM with a reasonable enough understanding of IT to easily make a decision and know generally the right questions to ask.

As we order our computers through a larger producer their computers by default come with the latest OS versions therefore I'm currently dealing with Windows 8 on an SBS2008 server. I've been Googling potential issues and haven't found many issues other than the standard complaints about massive alterations to the structure of the way the OS is layer out/operates.

Standard MS ethos of a split personality our core customers are business but due to the home market we will make it look pretty and improve functionality and. Of care about the ease of transferral of existing customers.

Changes required are generic OS recognition, they're not hard and easy to understand details are found on MPECSINC's Blog

Thursday, 10 January 2013

New Year New Blog

It's a new year and I thought I'd start a blog that I don't personally have to maintain the coding upkeep. As a web developer I've maintained a number of my own sites (CMS Websites, Blogs, Wikis, eCommerce etc.) But they become a full-time job just to maintain. 

As any IT geek I spend a portion of most days researching how to do something via Google, some forum or blog so I thought I'd start by giving back to those that have posted before and will post in the future.

Q: A simple enough question how do you re-size a PDF (Portable Document Format) from A4 to A3.
A: There are ways of doing this but it depends on your criteria:
1) There is a way to do it in Acrobat Pro... simply print to PDF.
However this can take a fair amount of memory and error out sometimes and depending on what you want to edit on the file later and how it was produced you might not be able to make the alterations you want if required.

2) Use a third party program that has this functionality such as CutePDF which will usually strip all future potential editing possibilities.

3) The correct way is to do it in the original editing program such as Adobe Illustrator (if you have the original file). Please see DIGITALIFA's blog for details.