Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Microsoft Upgrade Headaches

Some new computers are needed on my network due to resource issues. Normally I'd make the purchase but the GM made the purchase over the Xmas break as of the new computers was for him and I'm one of those fortunate IT managers that has a GM with a reasonable enough understanding of IT to easily make a decision and know generally the right questions to ask.

As we order our computers through a larger producer their computers by default come with the latest OS versions therefore I'm currently dealing with Windows 8 on an SBS2008 server. I've been Googling potential issues and haven't found many issues other than the standard complaints about massive alterations to the structure of the way the OS is layer out/operates.

Standard MS ethos of a split personality our core customers are business but due to the home market we will make it look pretty and improve functionality and. Of care about the ease of transferral of existing customers.

Changes required are generic OS recognition, they're not hard and easy to understand details are found on MPECSINC's Blog