Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Filling the G-Apps: Drive Moving Files - The Starring Method

In a any business you’ll end up with a job reference or numbering convention and a folder structure as the business grows. This can get more and more difficult to search through when moving documents around in Google Drive as there is currently no function to search after you select "Move to".
A simple solution to this process is to use the star function in Drive or searching via the naming convention.

Both methods work effectively but depending the situation one will be more efficient than the other.

The Starring Method

  1. First select the item or items you want to move into the folder
  2. Next search for the folder you want to move the items into, select the folder and star it as well,
  3. Next select “Starred” in the sidebar and highlight the items you want to move and drag them into the folder
  4. You can check their location in the details sidebar
  5. Unstar all the items once you’ve finished

The Search Method

Please note this only works if you’re using a naming convention or a common thread in the items.
  1. In the situation where you’re using job numbering across files and folders you can use the search bar and enter the job number or common details into the “Item Name” field and search
  2. From the results you can move the items into the folder
  3. If required you can use a combination of this search and the starred method from here to narrow down the results as well and selecting the “Starred’ checkbox